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5 reasons I'm glad my daughter does jiu jitsu

A few years ago, I overheard my then 8 year old daughter, Lea, asking my then 6 year old son, Jenssen, if she was more of a “tomboy” or a “girly girl”. Jenssen responded, “what is a tomboy”? To which Lea replied, “a tomboy is more sporty … they are strong, fast, and wear sporty clothes. Girly girls like pink, ruffles, and princesses.” Jenssen replied, “you are more boy-ey. Am I more boy-ey?” And Lea responded, “Oh yes, you are!” It was a cute interchange, but I didn’t like her perspective that you must be more “boy-ey” to be strong, fast, and wear sporty clothes. Girls, even “girly girls”, can be strong, fast, sporty, and more. At 8 years old, Lea is still trying to makes sense of the

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