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I’m excited to announce a new program for members of our Buckhead Jiu Jitsu family --- Buckhead Rewards.  It is a way for me to recognize and reward you for doing what you’ve been doing for years - building community, camaraderie, and success at our academy.  Thank you!

-Sam Joseph


Earn Points – Get Rewards

Earn cash credits for getting someone to try a class or join.

To earn points:

  • Bring a friend*: +10 points even if they don’t join

  • Refer someone who joins kids program: +25 points, if monthly or +100 points, if annual

  • Refer someone who joins adult program: +50 points if monthly or +150 points if annual

*Must be an Atlanta-area resident

To redeem points for Rewards:

  • Beanie: 20 points

  • Short sleeve tshirt: 40 points

  • Sweatshirt: 80 points

  • One month free membership dues: 150 points

Buckhead REWARDS

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