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Atlanta Winter Open Results

Congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend at the IBJJF Atlanta Open! Despite being a single, local school team with 18 competitors, we ranked in the top 10 as a team! We were the only single-school, local team to do such --- an incredible accomplishment! Below is a list of our medalists. GOLD MEDALS Master 2/purple/light Stuart Freeman Master 1/purple/light Matt Shand Master 1/white/middle Hunter Vaught Master 2/white/middle Chris Jones Master 3/white/middle Ernesto Espinoza SILVER MEDALS Adult/blue/light-feather Joey Ciacco Adult/purple/light Hannah Narcross Master 1/white/light Michael Do Master 1/purple/light & open class Ruth Hwu Master 2/purple/light-feather Tom Wortman B

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